About Beast And Beauty Aesthetics

Beast and beauty launched in 2018 born out of Melbourne, Australia.

Designed for those who are serious about body sculpting, fitness and health.

We feel the need to create designs that are more bold, elegant, and prestigious, something that creates a statement of luxury within the athletic world. Our products are based upon functional designs, neutral and earthy colours, which allow you to move from the gym to the streets.

We aim to create a statement in each garment, by showcasing what you have put into your physique. Wearing the Beast and Beauty Aesthetic range of products is your way of showing off your hard work and dedication.

Each piece is uniquely engineered to enhance your aesthetics, molding around your physique and enhancing your strong points to pop and stand out, while remaining subtle and sleek in nature.

Beast it out in the gym, showcase your Beauty in the physique and booty enhancing, range of Beast & Beauty products.

Unleash Your Inner Beast – Sculpture Your Beauty

About the Logo

The crown represents the King of the jungle the BEAST. Find the beast within yourself to gain the physical and mental strength to push through your limits to get real results.

The diamond represents the BEAUTY. The Diamond can only be produced when carbon is put under extreme pressures to form the world’s most beautiful gem.

Tag line – Beast and Beauty bases our beliefs on the power of attraction. Think, feel and believe the greatness within you, and watch your life flourish.

Unleash your inner Beast – sculpture your Beauty.

Grinding away in the gym or grinding away through life lessons to become the best form of yourself.